Advisory and Consulting Services

My services focus on the needs of high technology intensive companies and high-performance individuals working in such environments. In addition to my own multi-national and cross-industry experience I bring a strong network of hand-picked partners to meet your goals, depending on your sector, industry, function and geographics.


Organizational change and transformation projects are at the heart of my efforts. My practical experience gained through functional roles in organizations, paired with deep technology and best practice knowledge, sets me apart from traditional consultants. I partner with leading consulting firms to provide support at scale.

Sales and Business Development

Business is my passion. My unique integrated product approach allows me to define product market fit for your offering and to develop strong sales strategies to significantly expand market share for you.

Startup Investment

Analyzing and identifying investment opportunities into startups and their technology is key to business success. My ability to judge both technological maturities, as well as organizational capabilities de-risks investments and increases the chances for returns significantly.

Interims Executive Management

To make change stick and achieve success quicker, it requires a partner who can take more than just project responsibility. My practical experience in managing organizations of up to 950 people in global businesses allows me to step in as executive and lead entire business units to success within 6 to 12 months.


Leadership is essential in the modern workplace of high technology intensive companies. My approach to leadership is inspired by positive psychology. Building highly confident leaders, as well as effective agile teams.

Building a large project team to meet your needs

Some projects require more scale and bandwidth. In that case I will build a team consisting of individual experts or fellow interims executives. For large projects we can also engage a group of hand-picked consulting firms to meet your needs at scale, fast.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

After an initial assessment phase and depending on the goals, work packages and task at hand, the partners engage on a dynamic basis.

Single Point of Contact

You don’t have to worry about their delivery and performance, that’s all done through a single core project team led by us.